Do You Want to Run Your Own Business?

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Want to run your own business? I work with owner/managers who plan to retire within the next few years, helping them to develop and implement succession and exit strategies.

Typically, they have single-handedly run a successful and profitable business for several decades. They deserve respect and a rest.

These are small businesses with only a handful of […]

The Importance of Networking

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If you are planning to start your own business make sure that you allow time for networking.

We all network, with relatives, friends and workplace associates if no one else. People in business need to network systematically. Increasingly this is how […]

What You Save is What You Earn

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Business development is important but you should never stop paying attention to the detail of your expenditure. I offer my clients some cost benchmarking services that are free, even though cost savings are generated. On utility bills we, on average, save over 20% compared with previous costs. This now includes water as well. If you are […]