Would You Like to Control Your Own Destiny?

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If you have a background in Engineering and understand the basics of management, then this could be the opportunity that changes your life and enables you and your family to achieve your dream.

Affordable advice is available to help you find the required finance and to provide ongoing management support.

The specific opportunity is a not un-typical situation where an owner-manager has built up a business with sustainable profits over decades of effort. The owner now wants to retire and is faced with an unfamiliar and potentially daunting task of selling their shares for a fair value. These types of business usually either fail to find a buyer and simply close-down, which is a tragic waste, or end up going to a trade buyer for a fraction of their true value.

Think about it: this business has provided the current owner with secure profits and a good living for a long period of time. Typically, they have not pushed for growth beyond what they can comfortably manage on their own. These businesses often have great potential to grow profits rapidly. They have a long, documented, profitable financial history (in other words they are ‘bankable’ and can borrow money if they wish). Contrast that with a business start-up that has no such history. Raising finance is much harder and will require significant personal guarantees from the Director(s).

The business for sale may not conform to your ideal vision, but if it has sustainable profits achieved at a fraction of current machine capacity (as this one does), it offers a stable platform for growth. You can take it in any direction you like, with the security of those established underlying profits and bankability.

I know that there are many capable people in their thirties, forties, fifties and even sixties who are employees of a Company and gambling that their employment will continue until they have put their children through school, cleared their mortgage and built up a large enough pension fund to be secure in old age. I am sure that, even if you have been lucky not to have direct experience of redundancy yet, you have seen and heard enough to understand that there is no such thing as job security when you work for someone other than yourself. You may not have thought that buying or starting your own business was a viable alternative, but I know otherwise.

In the specific opportunity that I am involved with at present, the owner has been able to take an average of close to £100,000 a year out of the business, to do with as they want. With returns like this, you can quickly repay the loan needed to acquire the shares and start to build personal financial security. If you work at growing the profits, and there is plenty of potential for this, you should be able to sell your shares in a period of five to ten years from purchase for several times what you have paid to acquire them. The sums involved in this acquisition are such that an individual with a good credit rating and some equity in their home should be able to finance the entire deal without needing the complications and constraints of having to involve another investor.

There are plenty of similar opportunities out there which are ideal opportunities for a Management Buy-In.

If this is of interest to you, please get in touch and we can have a discussion.

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